Baltimore (A Brooks) (@2.0) vs Kansas City (D Duffy) (@1.8)

Our Prediction:

Kansas City (D Duffy) will win
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Baltimore (A Brooks) – Kansas City (D Duffy) Match Prediction | 01-09-2019 14:15

Above that, you get significantly better teams like Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. Lets face it, folks: somewhere within this three-team tranche of lightweights lies the #1 draft pick in 2020. On paper, the Royals are a better team than the Orioles, but thats kind of splitting hairs. The Royals are 47-88 to Baltimores 44-89, which also puts them above Detroit (39-92), but being the third-worst team in baseball is certainly nothing to brag about.

The NFL commissioner will be greeted by thousands of riled-up Patriots fans swinging these ridiculous towels in the air. Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, is reportedly distributing 70,000 Goodell clown towelsat the stadium (if they look familiar, the towels are adorned with the same "logo" that was on Matt Patricia's T-Shirt when he stepped off the plane following the Patriots' Super Bowl LI victory).

His 6.51 ERA ranks fifth worst in baseball among pitchers with 80+ innings thi syear, which means there are four guys worse. So yeah, baseball is weird and anything can happen and the Orioles are bad enough that maybe Lopez can put together a solid start. NO WALKS. I said all that, but last year he did keep them down, allowing just one run on five hits in seven innings against them with eight strikeouts and, you ready for this? The Royals counter with Jorge Lopez, who has been given a second life in the rotation with the Danny Duffy injury. He was so bad in his first start that he was skipped and not even used in relief between starts (though the starters have been quite good since he defecated all over himself against the Tigers). His biggest issue comes against lefties, and the Orioles can run six or seven out there against him, so while theyre not good, I have very little faith that he can keep them down.

They generally force turnovers and take care of the ball. And in between the lines, I think this is a tough matchup for Kansas City. They rely on chunk plays. Alex Smith will take a shot every once in a while, or they'll count on Tyreek Hill to bust an 80-yard touchdown on a reverse. But they don't have a great offense. The Chiefs are a smart team.

Probable Pitching Matchups

Mercilus and Clowney wrecked the rhythm of the Patriots offense, forcing Tom Brady into an 18-of-38, two-interception night. Houston used several stunts to get their edge players -- Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney -- matched up with New England's interior linemen. Will Kansas City experiment with a similar approach? Interior offensive line:I wonder how many teams will try to mimic what the Texans did in the playoffs this past January.

Whats the record 258? So, if its 259 or 330, I dont care. Weve given up a ton of homers, Hyde said. I just want us to get better on the mound and obviously finish this year and go into next year trying to do a better job of keeping the ball in the ballpark and staying off the barrel, but home runs are up.

In Means last start on Aug. 24 against Tampa Bay, however, he seemed to get his mojo back, allowing just a run over seven innings. He talked about mechanical adjustments hed been making under the tutelage of pitching coach Doug Brocail. So it would be great to see him keep this up against a weak-hitting Kansas City. Roch Kubatko speculates that Means might be getting activated tonight, though. With John Means on the family medical emergency list, the Orioles have been cagey about their starters for this series. Its been a bad stretch for Means since the All-Star Break, when his ERA was still a sparkling 2.50. Since then, hes 2-5 with a 6.23 ERA.

They do have some pop and a small ballpark to work with, though, so it could be a problem for him if he struggles with the long ball again. He was sharp and did have his third start start with double digit swings and misses, so hopefully he can get that ground ball magic working in the bandbox that is Camden Yards. Brad Keller takes the hill after an odd start against the Cardinals where he carried a no-hitter into the seventh inning but then couldnt get a single out in that inning and ended up allowing three runs on three hits. Hes been very good since the break but hes been uncharastertically hit by the home run ball a bit lately, so thats something to be concerned about even though the Orioles arent a great home run hitting team. Keller didnt face the Orioles in Baltimore last year, but did face them in Kansas City and went eight innings against them with just two runs on four hits allowed in one of the best starts of his career.

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Mike Gillislee, who missed the majority of the summer due to a hamstring injury, should get short-yardage and goal line work. On two of those carries, he advanced the ball from the 5-yard line to the goal line and punched it in on the next play. Gillislee was an efficient goal line runner in Buffalo.He scored seven touchdowns on 10 carries inside the 5-yard-line (or at the 5).

Thats a formula for success that can be replicated and one that Im a little surprised were seeing from Montgomery. Hes striking guys out, not walking them and limiting extra base hits. To finish the series for the Royals, Mike Montgomery will continue to try to make me look silly for disliking trading for him. He had a rough go of it in the first start with the team, but really he likely just ran out of steam in the third after not starting all year and not having pitched in two and a half weeks. If he can continue using all his pitches, and his changeup, curve and cutter were all outstanding against the Mets, he can be very successful, especially against a lackluster team. Since then, hes posted a 2.30 ERA in five starts and in his last four, he has a 14 percent swinging strike rate and 2.42 ERA in 22.1 innings.