Gwangju FC (@1.66) vs Asan Mugunghwa FC (@4.5)

Our Prediction:

Gwangju FC will win

Gwangju FC – Asan Mugunghwa FC Match Prediction | 16-09-2019 06:00

If we compare this value with the average of the championship, 1.8 Goals, we note that the first value is the second average. If we calculate a new average from these two values taken in the first half, we get the average Total scores of the two teams, or Goals. The average goal in the second half of the two teams is of the same figure calculated on the whole championship. is in fact the value relative to the two challengers and 1 is the number that indicates the average tournament. These two averages, which are still the average goals of the single teams, are to be combined in a new joint average, which gains value Goals and then compare it with the same value but on everything the championship We will find out that the first average is second.

This part of the prediction is dedicated to an indispensable statistic on the average of goals scored and suffered and over and under the championship Korea - K League Challenge and teams Gwangju and Asan Mugunghwa put in comparison among them to try to understand if in this match there will be many or few goals based on the past.

Note: bookmakers' policies on voided matches changes so we always recommend players to check the specific terms of bookmakers they bet with to ensure they understand under what circumstances they void bets. Void bets occur when the bet is not decided as a win or loss and the stake is returned to the player. This happens when a match is suspended, posponed, or cancelled e.g. a common void bet occurs in tennis when a player retires through injury.

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I think will score goal but defense will be weak for them and they will lose this match. The prognosis is both teams to score: yes. I think the match will be difficult for the home team. The away team will be hesitant. This is match from second tier of South Korea. Asan Mugunghwa is good team and I expect will be very dangerous in this match away. I will share with you my view for the match between Gwangju and Asan Mugunghwa. Gwangju FC is in fight for first place and direct place in major league. Hello to everyone. Gl to all guys.

home team is clearly favored by statistics and points totalized so far. This clash is not balanced. The two teams, in fact, are technically on different levels and this will count a lot in reading the prediction. The gap in the rankings between Gwangju and Asan Mugunghwa is 14 points. For Asan Mugunghwa away wins are 7 in a total of 13 games played away from home, in which he scored 15 goals and suffered 16. 7 home wins on 12 matches are the loot of Gwangju, team that scored 22 goals, conceding 7.

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Subsequently we show the result of our studies relative to the single results of the meeting. You will find percentages concerning the 1X2 Match Winner, how many goals will be scored during the game (Over - Under), if both teams score at least one goal (Goal - No Goal), the Partial Outcome Final or how the game will end considering the results of the First and Second Time and the Exact Result, or the result that we expect to come out!.

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The first field of the table shows the day on which the game will be played; then you will find the name of the two challengers, the final result and the partial at the first time, in the last field we will indicate the position in the ranking of the two teams. To make you better understand the data in the table, we list them according to the succession of columns. We analyze the state of form by comparing the last 5 games played by both teams in this championship.

Find out our prediction, the result of calculations of victory percentages based on statistics relating to the progress of the teams, to their status of current form and other mathematical variables. Do you want to bet without fear on the game Gwangju - Asan Mugunghwa valid for the championship in Korea - K League Challenge? Continue reading to bet on Gwangju - Asan Mugunghwa and subscribe to The Winning Bets to receive the next percentages related to this and other leagues.

Gwangju FC have scored an average of 2 goals per match whilst conceding an average of 0.71 goals whilst Asan Mugunghwa have scored an average of 0.71 goals per match whilst conceding an average of 2 goals. In their last meeting 7 meetings , Gwangju FC have Won: 4 Lost: 1 and the teams have Drawn: 2.