Michael White (@1.8) vs Jordan Brown (@2.0)

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Michael White will win

Michael White – Jordan Brown Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 09:30

She notes that Aomine is back to his former self, even if a little. Both team's players go back on the court but Aomine wasn't playing attention. She then remembers their time back in Teik and how Aomine never payed attention when there was a worthy opponent. Momoi calls out to him and asks him if he was listening to the team plan which Aomine denies.[29] He leaves the bench as Momoi stood still in surprise.

He appears to be interested in that field of entertainment and knows about many idols. Aomine also has a short temper and some kind of admiration towards Kuroko even after his "change", as he threatened a T player with physical violence when he badmouthed Kuroko. Also, when Haizaki stole food from Kuroko, Aomine told him, irritated, to get his own.[3] He is also a big fan of Japanese idols.

Kuroko asks Aomine to fist bump because he didn't return it during their time in Teik. Aomine agrees but tells him that this will be the last time. Aomine lost for the first time. Kagami tells Aomine that it's not the end of the world and tells him that he will face him anytime.[40] Aomine then faces Kuroko and tells him that it's his victory. He approaches Kuroko who was being supported by Kagami to stand up. He tells him that maybe this was for the best and that the little difference of not giving up resulted in him losing.

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Kuroko and Kise are shown to capability of stopping Aomine predicting his movements based off their past experiences as teammates. As explained by Midorima, Aomine learned to play basketball on the streets without lessons, so while not possessing the basic movements of basketball play, it is said that Aomine never has a non-changing movement, be it passing, dribbling or shooting. His play is described as limitless.[53] It's extremely difficult to guard him as only a hand-full of players could keep up with him.

Aomine denies, but after Kagami sees the shoes in question, Aomine decides that he'll get the shoes if Kagami is able to defeat Aomine in a one-on-one. He says that he doesn't want to see a crappy match just because Kagami doesn't have proper shoes. Therefore, Kuroko calls Momoi for help and the three meet up at a close basketball court. Aomine answers with irritation. Momoi then says that since Aomine and Kagami have the same shoe size, Aomine said that he'll give Kagami a pair. In the end, Kagami loses, but Aomine decides to give him the shoes anyway. He adds that he'll give him a small lecture while they're playing. However, Kagami is surprised to see that Aomine came along as well and asks why he's even here. After the quarter-finals, Kagami's shoes are totally wrecked.

He thinks by himself how it's odd that Akashi, who taught Kuroko his playing style, didn't notice this flaw. He is suspicious of Akashi. Kuroko has then scored 7 out of 10 shots, which Aomine finds sufficient. Some time before the quarter-finals of the Winter Cup, Ysen vs Seirin, Aomine completes his training with Kuroko. Momoi suddenly clings to Kuroko and is surprised about how fast he learned to shoot. Kuroko then sincerely thanks Aomine, but Aomine says that it's not needed, that he just couldn't stand seeing Kuroko suck so much. He adds that by negating that side-effect, he'd be able to shoot just fine. Aomine says that he himself didn't do much and explains how the side-effect of his passing speciality refrained him for shooting properly. He then warns him about Murasakibara, he hesitates to tell Kuroko that it's really him who's grateful.

Aomine and Momoi are absent from the first semi-finals, Rakuzan vs Shtoku and a large part of the second, Kaij vs Seirin. The pair is seen in a caf, when Aomine asks Momoi if she believes in fate. He calls Kagami "the miracles who did not become one of the miracles" and that he also partnered up with his fated shadow, Kuroko.[46] At the same time, Kagami manages to overcome Kise in a one-on-one in an actual match. Momoi is startled and Aomine explains that it's hardly a coincidence that something like the "Generation of Miracles" happened and that they are now facing each other as enemies in a tournament like the Winter Cup and what's more, that Kagami has appeared.

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Under this influence, he is "in the zone", which means that nobody else can stop him unless he or she is in the Zone as well. Zone is a state of being that Aomine can access once he has found a worthy opponent and reached his full potential.

When KaijfacedT, Aomine initially overwhelmed Kise as he couldn't overcome his admiration for Aomine, but when Kise began utilising his copy-cat to mimic Aomine's style he was pushed on the back foot. After the match which was won by T, Imayoshi revealed that Aomine had an even higher level. He eventually managed to stop Kise's last attempt as he passed to Kasamatsu.

Kagami receives Kuroko's pass and dunks the ball scoring for Seirin.[39] The buzzer beater rang with Seirin as the victors. Believing Kuroko was trusting Aomine more than Kagami, but Kuroko denies saying he trusted both of them, but he trusts only one to score the basket and that is Kagami. Kiyoshi receives a free-throw due to a foul made by Wakamatsu, he misses but Kagami appears under the hoop to save the ball. Kagami is blocked by Aomine surely resulting in Too's victory.[38] Imyoshi was surprised when Kuroko appeared to catch the ball. There are only 5 seconds left and the current score is 99 - 100, with T still in the lead.

Aomine came to think that no one could match him. He told Kuroko that he respects his thoughts, but that his rival would never come. None of the members of the Generation of Miraclesstarted out as strong as they are now, but Aomine was the first to "bloom", as Kuroko explained. In games, Aomine began to do just the minimum to ensure his team's victory.[9] Kuroko tried to convince him otherwise and said that he would surely meet his rival one day, and Aomine believed that for a while, starting to try harder again. This is when his present arrogance originated. Aomine also became too strong in comparison to his teammates, too strong for his own good. He suddenly became a completely different, amazingly strong player. Aomine's share in the points was overwhelming, and he stood out above the rest too much and began to skip practice more often. Midorima clarified that Aomine needed a strong rival, but never found one. When Kuroko confronted him about that, he told him that the game has become boring for him. However, he grew even more powerful, and seeing his mentally crushed opponents, changed his mind. He took Teik's victories to a whole other level, crushing their opponents with three to five times the points, once even reaching 200 points.

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When entering the Zone, one forgets everything and focuses solely on the game. Only the elite of the best of the best of players are allowed to enter the Zone, and Aomine seemed to have forced his way in. In Aomine's case, his speed doubles at the least, his power increases drastically. It is a superlative of regular concentration. Opening the gate to the Zone means opening the gate to your full potential, the full 100% of one's capabilities and abilities.

Imayoshi doesn't care about his bragging as long as he plays and even allows him to skip training because he thinks Aomine is the best. Imayoshi has a complete faith towards T's ace and has no doubt that he couldn't be beaten by Kise or Kagami during their matches against them. The respect seems mutual because Aomine showed him his Zone once, but Aomine has also mocked Imayoshi when Kise tried Kasamatsu's turn-around on him.