Stuart Bingham (@1.04) vs Alex Borg (@10.0)

Our Prediction:

Stuart Bingham will win

Stuart Bingham – Alex Borg Match Prediction | 03-10-2019 14:00

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It was broadcast in the United Kingdom and Europe on the BBC and Eurosport. It was held at the Barbican Centre in York, North Yorkshire from 5 to 18 December 2005. The 2005 UK Championship (called the 2005 Travis Perkins UK Championship for sponsorship purposes) was the 2005 edition of the UK Championship, a professional snooker tournament that is one of the sport's three Triple Crown events. The competition was the second of six World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) ranking events in the 2005/2006 season and the tournament's 29th edition.

Dott defeated Michael White before defeating two world champions in Stuart Bingham and John Higgins to reach the quarter-final.[16] Murphy, who had reached only the Scottish Open final in the previous season defeated Yuan Sijun 65 and Riga Masters champion Yan Bingtao 64 before drawing a rematch of the second round match at the 2019 World Championships against Neil Robertson. Graeme Dott qualified to play Shaun Murphy in the second quarter-final.

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Qualifying for the event took place 1417 June 2019 in Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, England. Trump and Allen tied for the highest break during the televised stages, both scoring 141, with Trump also making 12 centuries throughout the tournament. Tom Ford made the highest break of qualifying, with a maximum break, the fourth of his career, in his 61 win in qualifying over Fraser Patrick.

World number one Ronnie O'Sullivan established a 53 advantage over King but he lost the first three frames of the evening session. O'Sullivan conceded the eleventh frame early, leading to a warning by referee Alan Chamberlain for transgressing tournament rules,[28] and he later scolded O'Sullivan for draping a white towel over his face and head during a prolonged safety shot exchange in frame 15.[29][30] Down 86 O'Sullivan made breaks 106 and 86 to force a final frame decider that King won with a run of 46.[28][29] World number two and seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry overcame Wattana 97.

In the semi-finals Davis reached his 100th career final, and aged 48 became the oldest finalist in a ranking tournament since Rex Williams in the 1986 Grand Prix with a 96 win over Hendry.[49] Davis entered the evening session 71 ahead with runs of 57 and 81 but Hendry added five of the first six frames with a 130 total clearance for a new scoreline of 86.

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Higgins won two more frames to equal the score at 44.[32] Doherty later made three century breaks of 127, 107 and 102 over Higgins to level 66 and runs of 64, 52 and 46 in the final three frames won him the match at 96,[33][34] after which he remarked it was his best match since losing to Williams in the 2003 World Snooker Championship final.[33] Bingham was the second player to progress to the quarter-finals with his 92 victory over his practice partner Mark Davis.[35] In his match with Ding Hunter played with a loss of feeling in both of his hands and feet,[36] as he went 71 behind and took one frame in the next session as Ding secured a 92 victory.[37] Ebdon became the sixth top ten ranked player to be eliminated from the competition when he lost 97 to Carter. In the third round Doherty and Higgins shared the first four frames of their match before Doherty made a 107 break and another century to move 42 in front.