Trillick (@1.33) vs Clonoe (@4.0)

Our Prediction:

Trillick will win

Trillick – Clonoe Match Prediction | 23-09-2019 10:00

Brian refused a chocolate biscuit as he is on a 30 day training programme but I took one! He added, There is a lot of banter and slagging. We always meet with Brain and Tommy McGuigan in Rachels mothers house on a Sunday and it was the same last week.

Its like Rocky 4. You should see Mugsy carrying in 6 kegs at the one time into the bar. Hes a pure beast right now and he hasnt eaten in weeks. Owen is going to kick that big Russians arse, or Jack McCaffrey as we know him as in Ireland.

It is believed that the sleeping giants tag dates back to the Fionn MacCumhaill days, around the time of that mental story about the Red Hand of Ulster, where the best people in the land lived in the highest of the high, SlieveDonard, whilst their polar opposites lived in Ardboe.PSNI have also been out to Brian McGuigans house and forced him to dismantle a giant catapult he had constructed to fling shite all over Newry.

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We held a committee meeting about it and considered stealing the Nally Stand off Carrickmore, but that was narrowly defeated by a single vote thirteen to twelve. Not that were jealous or nothing, but look at the Rock- whys it even called the Rock there are no rocks even anywhere round it. We need something, like!

Horse Devlin was spotted in Newcastle suspiciously eating an ice-cream on the 12th. Fears are rife in Tyrone that the Mourne men may be awaking from their slumber and that slipping sleeping tablets into the Down training camp over the week was a viable option. Down commonly known as The Sleeping Giants of Ulster football surprised many with their demolition of Monaghan in this years provincial semi-final.

She was dressed up as a dentist with a Russian accent, whilst I pretended to be a farmer from the west of the county like Aghyaran. Looking back now, I remember thinking it was odd she said this is some handlin when we spotted the Bishop of Armagh pulling up in a motor with a blade from Keady. Id hadnt a clue that it was my wife I was tackling in the car park at Edendork Hall.

A different winner almost every year. I will go for Coalisland, Errigal, Clonoe and Carrickmore.Killyclougher just are not the team they were, Errigal should be too strong for Omagh, Carrickmore have improved a serious amount from last year but I think the tie of the round could be Clonoe V Trillick.I know Clonoe were not really tested against Moy and Trillick destroyed Dromore but there could be too much thought put into that display and it has to be said that Dromore were shocking.I think Clonoe going in under the radar could be dangerous and they might cause an upset.It has to be said though that the Tyrone SFC is class.

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Joe was involved in the formation of young players coming through the ranks of the club and they go into Saturdays championship clash with Moy without his presence for the first time in living memory. IT has been a difficult year for Clonoe ORahilly with the sad passing of club stalwart Joe McCabe who was hugely respected throughout the club as well as across the county and province.

A lot of them Tyrone boys have small legs so we worked out that 79% of their shots just clear the crossbar and no more. We all know Tyrone dont do goals, especially with McAliskey injured, so in order to stop them scoring 0-20 against us again, Derry have decided to stick at least three tall men on top of the crossbar, and then have the remaining 12 players in defence.

His communion money is reportedly still in an envelope marked do nat titch. Avery, known locally as the birdman because of all the crows he keeps in cages at his mas house, maintains he received the moniker because he is lethal with the weemin and has a very limited learning ability which he attributes to being told he had to pay attention at school, and wouldnt spend Christmas.